HSM SECURIO C16 Document Shredder one of the “Top 100 Office Solutions 2021“

Secure, efficient, sustainable and prize-winning – OFFICE ROXX ranks the HSM SECURIO C16 document shredder in the “Top 100 Office Solutions 2021”.

Intelligent solutions for the office and home office are more in demand than ever with the focus on a variety of task oriented requirements. In their “Top 100 Office Solutions”, OFFICE ROXX gives awards to products in a wide range of categories.

The magazine OFFICE ROXX, published by PRIMA VIER in Berlin, has been selecting the 100 top office solutions of the year on an annual basis since 2004. In an independent ranking, the magazine lists selected products from a range of branches and categories. These products include classic office supplies, office furniture and technology as well as acoustic or lighting solutions and other everyday office equipment. The magazine selects products worthy of particular recommendation which had made an impression in meeting various requirements. In a year characterized by the Corona virus and its effects on everyday office life, qualities such as suitability for the home office or qualities which support separation in the workplace and hygiene gained particular attention.

“We are very pleased and proud that we are in the Top 100 products selected by the OFFICE ROXX magazine“ stated Jan-Peter Krupczynski, Managing Director (Sales & Marketing, Customer Service and Subsidiaries) of HSM GmbH + Co. KG. “Our main focus is on the satisfaction and trust of our customers, together with the expectations we have of ourselves regarding innovation, flexibility and sustainability so a professional evaluation such as this by a trade magazine is an added bonus.“

The HSM SECURIO C16 is only one model from a wide selection of document shredders, suitable for a broad range of applications. Find out about the other HSM SECURIO document shredders….


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