HSM is a new member of the “Standort Deutschland” initiative

The “Standort Deutschland” initiative is an association of mid-sized stationery companies who together affirm Germany as a place to do business. HSM joined this important initiative on 1 November 2019.
Mid-sized companies are the engine that drives the German economy, making them decisive for the country’s growth and prosperity. Traditional family-run companies create jobs, train workers, and make the investments that shape Germany’s competitiveness. The initiative now has seven member companies (HAN, HSM, Maul, Renz, Rössler Papier, Sigel and Veloflex), and they have set themselves the goal of making Germany a future-proof place to do business by improving performance and quality and continuously refining products.
“HSM gives our initiative a company that is active in the economic, ecological, and social arenas without losing focus on tradition and family management. This makes HSM a valuable addition to the ‘Standort Deutschland’ initiative,” says Ralf Niehaus, chairman of the “Standort Deutschland” initiative.
About “Standort Deutschland” initiative:

The companies, HAN, HSM, Maul, Renz, Rössler Papier, Sigel and Veloflex, have been family-owned for generations and together can look back on 500 years of experience. Using modern management and the highest in development expertise and innovation, they, like many other industries, decisively influence Germany as a place for industry. All of them are leaders in design, function, and quality.

The persons in the picture:

Ralf Niehaus (on the right) and Michael Schubert, Managing Directors of HAN and Renz, welcome Michael Leiss (in the middle), Head of European Key Account Management at HSM

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