HSM honours loyal employees

In financial year 2017, HSM GmbH + Co. KG, which is based in Frickingen and Salem, honoured the following employees for 25 years of employment - Edith Weiss, Waldemar Jesser, Walter Siegenthaler, Caroline Branner, Alexander Drosdow and Magnus Senger. In addition, two more employees were honoured at the Reichenbach/Saxony plant for 25 years of loyalty to the company.

Edith Weiss started in 1992 as a purchasing clerk. Since then, she has worked with a high degree of reliability and commitment in operational purchasing. With her structured way of working, she is responsible for all orders for production, thus ensuring the supply of materials for many areas of production.

Praise was also given to Mr. Waldemar Jesser by the production management of HSM. He started working in the welding shop right at the beginning, and he welds components and welded constructions to the highest level of punctuality and precision according to the given drawings. He is a model of reliability and dedication, and always a guarantee of good quality.

Walter Siegenthaler came to HSM as a trained warehouse clerk. He has continuously developed the logistics department over the years and adapted it to modern requirements. As a dispatch manager, he made sure that the machines and spare parts arrived punctually at the customers. In addition, he was responsible for implementing and monitoring the legally required load securing. He was responsible for the team and always led by example. Mr. Siegenthaler is now retired and continues to support HSM under a part-time contract.

Caroline Branner completed her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at HSM 25 years ago. Ms Branner works in the central logistics department and is continuing to learn more in this department. She is responsible for the deliveries of office technology products and ensures that all required documents are provided in accordance with the logistics requirements so that the customers receive their deliveries on time.

Alexander Drosdow has become a laser specialist over the course of his 25-year period of employment. He has been continuously involved in further training, and he independently programs the laser systems with the various parts. In doing so, he ensures the smooth running of modern machines in three-shift operation. When needed, he can also be found on the machines at weekends - a unique commitment with the goal of customer satisfaction.

Magnus Senger is an indispensable pillar in the IT department. He has been involved in all IT topics over the past 25 years and has been continuously involved in further training. He accompanied the introduction of SAP in 2007, and has since been the competent and reliable contact person for all matters related to SAP and the docked systems in the sales and customer service departments, as well as the subsidiaries.

A big thank you goes to all employees celebrating their anniversaries for their know-how and commitment, as well as their great loyalty and dedication to the company.

Currently, a total of 49 out of a total of 800 employees can look back on a service of more than 25 years. Long-time employees are the pillars of the company. Nevertheless, with their vast experience and know-how, they are still open to all change processes that are continuously taking place at HSM. This not only increases competitiveness, but also flexibility in a global and fast-moving business world. With currently around 90 trainees in various occupations and study programs, as well as a large number of long-term employees, HSM has an ideal employee mix. The company has provided apprenticeships for over 400 people - of which almost 40% are still at the company today.

From left to right on the picture: Hermann Schwelling, Christina Schwelling, Sandra Schwelling, Harald Schwelling, Caroline Branner, Wolfgang Gröschke, Edith Weiss, Magnus Senger, Waldemar Jesser, Walter Siegenthaler, Berthold Rimmele, Sylvia Rimmele, Alexander Drosdow



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