Successful market research project between the Ravensburg Cooperative State University and HSM

HSM has been cooperating with the Ravensburg Cooperative State University for 20 years now, training students in business and technical courses. In April, the green light was given for joint cooperation in the field of market research.

After a successful kick-off event, the students, together with their market research professor Thomas Dobbelstein as coach, set to work on the individual milestones of the market research project on "factors influencing the decision to purchase a document shredder". In different project groups, they dealt intensively with topics related to the PBS industry, document shredders, distribution channels, dealer structures and, in particular, with questions related to the purchase decision. The programme also included questionnaire creation, examination of the database, sending of the survey, the plausibility check, evaluation of the questionnaire and, finally, presentation of the survey results to the contracting party HSM in Frickingen. The 15 students from the international business degree presented their insightful and informative results to an HSM committee, explained their approach in detail and made recommendations for action. Any questions that the committee still had were answered effortlessly by the students, who were prepared to perfection.

General information:

Currently, 22 students are taking a variety of degree courses at the cooperative state university in collaboration with HSM. HSM is well-prepared for the future with its young executives of tomorrow. The company sells its products in over 100 countries, with exports accounting for about 65% of the sales.



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