Product group HSM StoreEx HDS 230

Product group HSM StoreEx HDS 230

HSM StoreEx HDS 230 digital data media shredder Secure, data protection compliant and... more

HSM StoreEx HDS 230 digital data media shredder

Secure, data protection compliant and economical. This digital data media shredder shreds digital data carriers into little particles and makes data recreation virtually impossible.

StoreEx Herausnehmbarer Auffangbehälter
The waste container can be easily removed and emptied.
StoreEx CD-Direkteingabe
Thin optical, magnetic and electronic data media can be shredded comfortably and quickly using the input slot.
StoreEx Not-Aus-Schalter (450.2 / FA400.2 / HDS)
It may be necessary to stop the machine immediately so we have equipped the device with an emergency off switch which, when activated, will do just this.
StoreEx Vollstahl-Schneidwellen
The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers are robust and ensure a high level of durability!
StoreEx Energieeffizienter Dauerbetrieb
This powerful machine provides an excellent cutting performance combined with reliable continuous operation and a low noise level
StoreEx Funktionsmodi (HDS 150)
The selection of the correct functional mode will always ensure the maximum throughput for the respective material type.
StoreEx Komfortable Arbeitshöhe (HDS 230)
The large LED display enables the continuous input of media at a comfortable working height.
StoreEx Dezentrale Vernichtung (HDS 230)
Data media can be shredded easily in decentralised locations with this machine.
StoreEx Anti-Materialstau Funktion (HDS)
The automatic reverse function in the shredder eliminates material jams and ensures your shredding operations run smoothly.
StoreEx Multifunktionselement
Our multifunction control panel means that anyone and everyone can use the device intuitively without having to undergo extensive training.

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