Уничтожители документов HSM SECURIO B22 Безопасность данных – это просто! Мощное устройство... больше

Уничтожители документов HSM SECURIO B22

Безопасность данных – это просто! Мощное устройство начального уровня серии B для рабочего места. С автоматическим стартом/остановкой и защитой от перегрузок. Контейнер для уничтоженных документов объёмом 33 литра легко вынимается и опустошается.

SECURIO B Vollstahl-Schn./Lifetime/P2-P5
The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers with a lifetime warranty can easily cope with staples and paper clips and guarantee durability.
SECURIO B Multifunktionselement
The device can be intuitively operated with the multifunction element.
SECURIO B Herausnehmb. Auffangbeh.
The waste container can be easily removed and emptied.
SECURIO B Dauerbetrieb
Der kraftvolle Motor stellt eine hohe Schnittleistung und den zuverlässigen Dauerbetrieb sicher.
SECURIO B Energiesparend 0,1
In stand-by mode, intelligent control programme EcoSmart ensures there is an exceptionally low power consumption of 0.1 watts.
SECURIO B Sicherheitselement aufklappbar
The safety element prevents unintentional entry of materials into the machine and thereby increases the user safety.
SECURIO B Start-Stopp-Automatik
The operation is very easy: the device starts automatically when fed paper and automatically stops after shredding is complete.
SECURIO B Abschaltung Behälter voll
The full bin is indicated via the display and the machine switches off automatically.
SECURIO B Anti-Papierstau-Funktion
The paper feed with overload protection reduces paper jams and sustains the high throughput of paper.
SECURIO B Leiser Betrieb
The quiet operating mode minimises noise development in the workplace which is an important consideration for your staff.
SECURIO Sichtfenster
The filling level of the waste container can be seen at all times through the inspection window.
SECURIO Made in Germany
The high quality materials and proven HSM "Made in Germany" quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine – and also 3 years warranty.
SECURIO Blauer Engel
The document shredder has been awarded the Blue Angel certificate for its durable construction, low energy consumption and the use of environmentally friendly materials.
SECURIO Bedienung Lichtschranke
An integrated light barrier automatically starts the device when paper is introduced into the feed and it automatically stops after shredding is complete.
Спецификации "HSM SECURIO B22 - 3,9 mm"
Номер товара: 1830121
EAN: 4026631047821
Тип резки: полоса́
Размер резки: 3,9 mm
Уровень секретности (DIN 66399): E-2|P-2|T-2
Уничтожать листов за раз (80 г/м2): 13 - 15
Потребляемая мощность: 440 W
Напряжение / Частота: 230 V / 50 Hz
рабочая ширина: 240 mm
Емкость корзины: 33 l
Количество листов в корзине (80 g): 297
Уровень шума: ca. 57 dB(A)
Ширина x Глубина x Высота: 375 x 310 x 600 mm
Вес: 11,28 kg
Материал: бумага, скрепки и скобы, Кредитная карта
размер: 6.54 MB
размер: 3.71 MB
размер: 4.01 MB
размер: 4.01 MB
размер: 4.01 MB
размер: 4.09 MB
размер: 1.69 MB

HSM Warranty

5 лет гарантии на шредеры HSM SECURIO серий C, B и P в уровнях секретности с P-2 по P-5 согласно ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399). 3 года гарантии на все остальные шредеры HSM SECURIO.
HSM Warranty

Lifetime warranty on steel cutting rollers

HSM grants an additional warranty, independent of the standard warranty, for HSM steel cutter shafts in the HSM alternating current paper shredders for the entire lifetime of the devices (HSM Lifetime Warranty). The document shredders with the cutting sizes 0.78 x 11 mm and 1 x 5 mm, HSM OMDD and all shredstar models are excluded from this warranty.
Lifetime warranty on steel cutting rollers

Replacement Guarantee*

Free-of-charge replacement or repair of all 230 V HSM SECURIO, Pure, Classic and shredstar document shredders within the guarantee period. *only valid for DE, AT, CH, BeNeLux
Replacement Guarantee*

Money Back*

If you are not satisfied, get your money back within 14 days. *only valid for DE, AT, CH, BeNeLux
Money Back*