Уничтожители документов HSM SECURIO P40i Мощный уничтожитель с высокой пропускной способностью.... больше

Уничтожители документов HSM SECURIO P40i

Мощный уничтожитель с высокой пропускной способностью. Данный шредер подкупает своей инновационной концепцией привода и технологией управления IntelligentDrive с сенсорным дисплеем. Великолепно подходит для больших объёмов документов в отделах с численностью штата до 15 человек.

SECURIO IntelligentDrive
The innovative IntelligentDrive motor and operating technology offers three operating modes. Either for a particularly quiet, normal or a up to 40 % higher performance data destruction
SECURIO Autom. integr. Öler
This maintenance friendly document shredder has an integrated automatic oiler which ensures that you have a consistently high cutting capacity.
SECURIO Metallerkennung
A separate metal detection feature protects the cutting unit and stops the device if metal parts, such as staples, are inserted. These can be removed and the shredding process can continue.
SECURIO sep. OMDD-Schneidw. (O-6)
The separate media cutting unit with a waste container effortlessly shreds CDs/DVDs, credit and loyalty cards as well as floppy discs into small particles (2 x 2 mm). The shredded material can then be disposed of with the waste materials already sorted.
SECURIO Holzunterschrank
The document shredder has a sturdy cabinet with a wooden floor and an extra-large door opening angle which facilitates removing and replacing the collecting bag.
SECURIO Vollstahl Schneidwellen (Master)
The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers guarantee durability.
SECURIO Vollstahl-Schn./P-6
The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers can easily cope with staples and paper clips and guarantee durability.
SECURIO Abschaltung Behälter voll
The full bin is indicated via the display and the machine switches off automatically.
For convenience, there are castors on the document shredder so it is easy to move around.
SECURIO Herausziehb. Mehrweg-Auffangb.
After opening the door, the reusable collecting bag can be easily removed and emptied.
SECURIO Dauerbetrieb (ab B22)
The powerful motor ensures a high cutting capacity and reliable continuous operation.
SECURIO EcoSmart 0,1
In stand-by mode, intelligent control programme EcoSmart ensures there is an exceptionally low power consumption of 0.1 watts.
SECURIO Bedienung Lichtschranke
An integrated light barrier automatically starts the device when paper is introduced into the feed and it automatically stops after shredding is complete.
SECURIO Intelligente Stauvermeidung
Благодаря автоматическому предотвращению замятия бумаги устройство самостоятельно и заблоговременно распознаёт чрезмерное количество листов. В зависимости от их количества, шредер либо переходит в режим реверсивной работы, либо временно набирает мощность для беспрепятственного уничтожения документов.
SECURIO Anti-Papierstau-Funktion Abteilung
The paper feed with overload protection reduces paper jams and sustains the high throughput of paper.
SECURIO Sicherheitselement mit Druck
User safety is paramount. A slight pressure on the safety element immediately stops the paper feed and prevents unintentional entry into the machine.
SECURIO Sichtfenster
The filling level of the waste container can be seen at all times through the inspection window.
SECURIO Blauer Engel
The document shredder has been awarded the Blue Angel certificate for its durable construction, low energy consumption and the use of environmentally friendly materials.
SECURIO Touchdisplay
Intuitive operation and multi-language menu selection via the high resolution 4,3" touch display. Relevant information such as operating modes and status reports are displayed. Consumable material, machine and contact details can be called up.
SECURIO Made in Germany
The high quality materials and proven HSM "Made in Germany" quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine – and also 3 years warranty.
Спецификации "HSM SECURIO P40i - 0,78 x 11 mm + Metallerkennung и Sep. OMDD-Schneidwerk 2x2mm"
Номер товара: 1885121N
EAN: 4026631059541
Тип резки: части́ца
Размер резки: 0,78 x 11 mm
Уровень секретности (DIN 66399): E-5|F-3|O-6|P-6|T-6
Уничтожать листов за раз (80 г/м2): 13 - 15
Потребляемая мощность: 1300 W
Напряжение / Частота: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
рабочая ширина: 330 mm
Емкость корзины: 145 l
Количество листов в корзине (80 g): 1446
Уровень шума: ca. 55 dB(A)
Ширина x Глубина x Высота: 580 x 550 x 1020 mm
Вес: 72 kg
Материал: бумага, скрепки и скобы, Кредитная карта, CD/DVD
размер: 6.54 MB
размер: 1.35 MB
размер: 1.45 MB
размер: 1.49 MB
размер: 1.49 MB
размер: 1.49 MB
размер: 1.49 MB
размер: 1.49 MB
размер: 1.69 MB

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Replacement Guarantee*

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HSM SECURIO alternating current equipment: 3 years. HSM Classic, Pure and shredstar alternating current equipment: 2 years. The warranty obligation for shredstar models is limited to the free delivery of replacement equipment against the return of the defective equipment. HSM Powerline and ProfiPack: 2 years in case of use in single-shift operation; in case of use in multi-shift operation, the warranty period amounts to 6 months. other products: 1 year when used in single-shift operation or a maximum of 2000 operating hours; when used in multi-shift operation, the warranty period is 6 months or a maximum of 2000 operating hours. You can find further information in the General terms and conditions.
HSM Warranty

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