Этот прочный и долговечный уничтожитель в силу своей высокой производительности оптимально... больше

Этот прочный и долговечный уничтожитель в силу своей высокой производительности оптимально пригоден для использования в архивах или центрах уничтожения документов.

Powerline Manueller Öler (FA 400.2)
We have integrated a manual oiler into the device which will ensure it runs smoothly, giving a consistently high cutting capacity and quality.
Powerline Verbreiterung des Aufgabetisches (FA 400.2)
Our device has a practical storage table to put data carriers on before or during your shredding operations.
Powerline Lenkrollen/Feststellbremse
The device can be used on a mobile basis and has smooth-running, stable castors with a parking brake.
Powerline Vollstahl-Schneidwellen
The induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers are robust and ensure a high level of durability.
Powerline Dauerbetrieb
To enable you to shred documents in a continuous operation mode, the shredder has a powerful motor. This gives not only reliable continuous operation, but also a high level of shredding capacity.
Powerline Bedienfeld (FA 400.2)
Clear signals showing the operating status of the heavy duty document shredder are vital. The functional operator control panel with an LED indicator provides this information very clearly.
Powerline Förderband (FA 400.2)
The height at which the data media is inserted into the shredder means working with it is easy and convenient
Powerline Not-Aus-Schalter (450.2 / FA 400.2)
It may be necessary to stop the machine immediately so we have equipped the device with an emergency off switch which, when activated, will do just this.
Powerline Herausnehmbarer Auffangbehälter
The waste container can be easily removed and emptied.
Спецификации "HSM Powerline FA 400.2 - 5,8 x 50 mm"
Номер товара: 1514144
EAN: 4026631020824
Тип резки: части́ца
Уровень секретности (DIN 66399): E-2|O-2|P-3|T-3
Уничтожать листов за раз (80 г/м2): 96
Мощность мотора: 4 kW
Напряжение / Частота: 400 V / 50 Hz
рабочая ширина: 428 mm
Емкость корзины: 460 l
Уровень шума: ca. 61 dB(A)
Вес: 430 kg
Материал: бумага, скрепки и скобы, Кредитная карта, CD/DVD, Crumpled paper, Дискеты, Computer listings