HL 4809 Hub-Kipp+Ölkühler, Li 400V

HL 4809 Hub-Kipp+Ölkühler, Li 400V

HL 4809 Hub-Kipp+Ölkühler, Li 400V

used semi-automatic, electro-hydraulic counterplate-press HL 4809/- left hand operation/- with hydraulic lifting/tilting device and oil cooler
- year of manufacture 2016
- wire strapping

*Technical Data
- Motor power 9,2 kW + 1,5 kW
- Voltage / Frequency 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
- Pressing power 480 kN
- Specific pressing power 58 N/cm²
- Cycle time (press stroke in idle operation moving forward
and return) approx. 53,00 s
- Cycle time (average with one bale through
collection stroke),36,00 sec
- Pump capacity 55,8 l/min
- Tank content 123 l
- Loading aperture (W x L) 1020 x 900 mm
- Maximum bale size L 1100 x W 750 x H appr. 1200 mm
- Bale weight (supermarket cardboard) 1.04 (B19) approx.
420 kg, bale length approx. 1200 mm
- Space requirements including handling area and pallet
(L x W x H) 7235 x 2636 x 2969 mm
- Keypad with electable programmes for cardboard & foil and
Graphics display showing
Status quo, bale counter and working hour meter

The following power connection is needed:
Rated current In: 19 A
Total fuse: 3 x 32 A gG/gL/D-characteristic
Plug connection: CEE 32 A 3 P+N+PE
Length of the supply cable: Standard = 7,5 m

*Technical description HSM HL 4809

- Feeding via hydraulic lifting/tilting device
- Fully automatic compression
- horizontal 4-fold-strapping with Quick-Link-Wire
- Control of press intervals via light-barrier
- Operating side on left hand side, seen in compression
- HSM stored program controller incl. bale counter
and service-mode
- Removal of bales by Euro-pallet carrier laterally
or from the front
- Paintwork standard:
Baling Press RAL 7035 (light grey)
- Basic machine weight without accessories approx. 5,9 t
- Inclusive technical documentation
- Inclusive GS-label and CE-label (declaration of conformity

Included, required additional equipment:
Oil cooler, cooling performance 9 kW
(motor power 1,5 kW)
for continuous operation with high workload or
at high ambient temperature

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Parametry "HL 4809 Hub-Kipp+Ölkühler, Li 400V"
Numer zamówienia: 6404444G03202
Siła zgniotu: 480 kN
Jednostkowa siła nacisku: 58 N/cm²
Napięcie / częstotliwość: 400 V / 50 Hz
Czas cyklu pracy: 53 s
Wydajność przy pracy jałowej (teor.): 45 m³/h
Metoda napełniania: Hub-Kipp-Vorrichtung
Waga: 5900 kg
Standort: Niemcy
Type of product: Horizontale Ballenpressen
Liczba wiązań: 4
Rodzaj materiałów eksploatacyjnych: drut
Branża: handel detaliczny, przemysł poligraficzny i opakowaniowy , przemysł i produkcja, logistyka i spedycja
Prasowany materiał: folia, zmieszany papier, karton