Nominees for Benelux Office Products Awards 2018 announced

The jury gathered at the end of June to evaluate the products submitted for the Benelux Office Products Awards 2018. The expert jury, consisting of specialist retailers, retailers, management consultancies, end consumers and the trade press, judged the large number of submitted products and concepts that were of a consistent high quality.
There was a large number of very strong categories where it was difficult to make a decision. These categories include Healthy Work Products, Office Interior, Facility and Visual Communication Products. But there were also many intelligent and innovative products in the other categories. After the jury's detailed consultation, a considerable list of nominees emerged. In the eleven categories, 41 products and concepts made it on to the list of nominees.

Nominated for the Benelux Office Products Awards 2018 – Facility Products:

  • Packaging Machine HSM ProfiPack P425 , HSM GmbH + Co. KG
  • Coffee Point Small, Durable Nederland BV
  • MindPod, BakkerElkhuizen
  • Aequinox Sumatra, Coffee First BV

On 11 October, 2018, the winners will be announced as part of the award ceremony in Het Zalmhuis, Schaardijk 434 in Rotterdam.

Packaging Machine HSM ProfiPack P425 :

From waste to packaging material. The HSM ProfiPack P425 packaging machine is an ingenious solution for all areas of shipping and storage. It cushions used cardboard and turns it into universally applicable, new packaging material. This saves costs while making a meaningful and practical contribution to environmental protection at the same time.

This high-performance cushion packaging machine processes up to three layers of cardboard into upholstered pads and filling material in a single step. The packaging pad is versatile and provides objects with optimal protection - either as a pad or for filling hollow spaces. The cardboard is cut and perforated at a comfortable working height and in a single operation. The working width is infinitely adjustable.

The HSM ProfiPack, produced in Germany, has a 230 V connection and a newly developed, powerful and efficient drive concept for continuous operation. The induction-hardened cutting shafts are made of solid steel and are not sensitive to staples. The feed speed is flexible and the cushion volume of the packaging material is variable. The machine is operated intuitively with an LED display and a robust membrane keyboard. The emergency stop switch ensures high user safety.



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