Silent, energy efficient vertical baling presses at the SIL expo in Barcelona

HSM GmbH + Co. KG, the southern German manufacturer of baling presses, PET solutions and document shredders will be at the SIL Expo (stand C346) from June 26 to 28 to showcase its innovative, energy-efficient baling presses.

The stand will mainly feature machinery from the HSM V-Press series of vertical baling presses. The HSM V-Press series combines the outstanding quality standards of HSM environmental technology with a high level of profitability. Due to their performance and durability, these balers provide a very efficient waste management solution: HSM V-Presses reduce waste treatment and disposal costs, often one of the most underestimated costs for businesses.

The HSM V-Press 818 plus pro is characterised by its low transport height. The fully automatic baling process commences with the closing of the door and a text display unit provides detailed information on the current status of the process. Thanks to the newly developed HSM TCS (Torsion Control System), the angle of the press ram is monitored continuously in every direction. This prevents overloading on a single side, optimizes the pressing procedure, ensures longer service life and guarantees high process performance. The machine is controlled and operated by means of a convenient, state-of-the-art microprocessor controller and a membrane keyboard with a text display unit that shows the current status of the baler. The sliding door opens automatically on completion of the pressing process. Bales can weigh up to 200 kg and are tied by means of 4 polyester tapes.

The basic model, the HSM V-Press 504, facilitates cost-effective disposal of packaging waste such as cardboard and plastic. Depending on the material compacted, this small, sturdy unit produces up to 6 bales per hour, with a maximum bale weight of 60 kg. Bales are tied with polyester tape, and removed and transported by means of a convenient discharge trolley.

The HSM stand will also showcase the new HSM ProfiPack P425 model for the production of packaging material. This unit rapidly transforms used cardboard boxes into practical, multi-purpose packaging material. And most importantly, it does so at no cost. This packaging material affords excellent protection against the typical dangers associated with the transportation of goods. The cardboard boxes are fed in through the opening, where a number of cutting rollers perforate them to convert them into cardboard matting with a loose mesh structure. Not only does the machine perforate the corrugated cardboard, but its special cutting knives expand the material to create and cut a matting of the desired width in a single movement.

Stand of HSM SIL 2019: Stand C346


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